What is statesync?

With fastsync a node is downloading all of the data of an application from genesis and verifying it. But With statesync your node will only download data related to the head or near the head of the chain and verify the data. This leads to drastically shorter times for joining a network.
Time required to sync a node from beginning: est. 30-60 days (depends on Hardware / Connection)
Time required to sync a node with statesync: est. 3 minutes - 3 hours (depends on age of statesynced database / Hardware / Connections).

To support the community of the Crypto.org Chain we generally provide twice a week a new archive containing the data directory of a fresh statesynced node.
To support our mission providing this snapshot free to you please consider making a donation to cro144w3k7h00l0symv5s4v4w4w74jefguthhf34d6

Table of snapshots

Network Date and block of creation Filename Links to archive and sha256 hash Size of archive
crypto-org-mainnet-1May 18 2022 10:26:09 UTC
Block: 5840001
5,066.26 MB
crypto-org-mainnet-1May 16 2022 09:34:56 UTC
Block: 5811015
5,011.46 MB
crypto-org-mainnet-1May 14 2022 18:41:41 UTC
Block: 5788009
4,981.45 MB
crypto-org-mainnet-1May 11 2022 10:50:39 UTC
Block: 5741009
4,930.29 MB
crypto-org-mainnet-1May 07 2022 10:28:53 UTC
Block: 5684017
4,839.62 MB
crypto-org-mainnet-1May 04 2022 10:20:40 UTC
Block: 5642001
4,728.18 MB
crypto-org-mainnet-1April 30 2022 10:22:39 UTC
Block: 5585003
4,656.27 MB

How to use

1. Pre-requirements

Update your System: apt update -y && apt upgrade -y
Configured chain-maind with last release-binary (crypto-org-chain-releases on github)
Stopped chain-maind: systemctl stop chain-maind (daemon) or CTRL + C

2. Move inside your ./chain-maind/ directory

If you have setup your node as indicated in the official documentation this can be done by the following command:
cd ~/.chain-maind/

3. Decision and Download of archive and checksum it

Set filename of the desired snapshot (for filename see table above): db="statesync-db.xxxxxxx.tar.gz"
Download archive: curl https://statesync.galaxystaking.space/crypto-org-mainnet-1/$db -o $db
Get sha256-checksum of archive: sha256sum $db and check against sha256-checksum of checksum-file

4. Preparations and Decompress the archive

Delete old data if exists with: if [ -e data ]; then rm -rf data; fi
Decompress the archive with: tar xzvf $db
Delete downloaded data: rm $db

5. Run the node

As daemon: systemctl start chain-maind or manually: {dir-to-bin}/chain-maind start